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Web server upgrade:
12 March 2016: We will be moving all shared hosting websites to a new server over the coming weeks. Please see our status website for details.
If you are a client looking for support, please check the documentation and resources on the support page to see if your question is answered there.

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NinerNet Communications Company
P.O. Box 30095 RPO Marpole
Vancouver BC  V6P 6S3
Canadian flag. Canada

Telephone: +1 604 630 1772
Toll-free: 1 855 NINERNET (1 855 646 3763)

NinerNet Communications
P.O. Box 35331
Zambian flag. Zambia

Telephone: New land line coming.

NinerNet Communications Company
499-1685 H Street
Blaine WA  98230
American flag. United States of America

Telephone: 1 855 NINERNET (1 855 646 3763)
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Since 1996!

Hosting and domain costs us a little under US$200 per annum; I don't have the exact figures immediately to hand. However, cost is not the only criteria. NinerNet is a small company and when we have problems/issues/queries, we are in fact dealing with a real person on the other end rather than a computer and our experience has shown that he goes that extra mile and does a lot more than would normally be required or expected by a hosting company. The level of service we have received to date is excellent and I would be very reluctant to start moving to another service provider. --Baobab College, Zambia